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Here’s what a few of my clients have to say…

Andy is well known locally for his technical skills and “can do” attitude so with his addiction to podcasting, he was the natural choice as our Internet marketing podcast programme partner. Andy covers all of the technical issues and offers a “user friendly” and customer centric way of working. He is a podcasting expert and a nice guy to do business with.

-Jason Woodford, Academy Internet

We had been considering podcasts as a way of promoting our business, so it was very opportune that Andy offered us his services. Although we knew what they were, Andy explained them in more detail, how they should be constructed, produced and held on the Internet. We were then able to identify what we wanted to talk about and how we would cover these things. He showed us where to obtain music and how to plan for each recording session.

We have enjoyed producing the podcasts with Andy, he has a relaxed style and we have found it easy to open up during recordings and get the message across as we wanted. Post production has been done quickly and he has made sure we keep to a regular recording schedule so as not to keep our listeners waiting too long for the next episode!

-Daniel Welling, Keywealth Solutions

We were all very impressed at Andy’s approach during the recording of our podcast, he made the whole thing very enjoyable. In all honesty we were slightly apprehensive about doing the recording, but his approach put us at ease and his interview style teased out and made clear several of the important points we were trying to get across but which would have gotten lost otherwise. The end results as expected are excellent and we very much look forward to recording the next in the series we have planned.

-Jeff Drew, Cells4Life

I first met Andy when he did an excellent talk on podcasts at one of our networking events. His knowledge of the subject combined with his great speaking skills made the talk interesting and informative for everyone who attended. When we had a requirement for someone to record the audio and conduct some interviews at one of our events Andy was the obvious choice. Andy’s interviewing technique and friendly encouragement led to us getting some great interviews, even from people who originally didn’t want to give them! We have since booked Andy in to do some more recordings for us next month and will also be working with him on projects in the new year. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andy to anyone as he has done a great job whenever we’ve worked with him.

-Luke Hay, Wired Sussex